How To Change Verizon WiFi Password Complete Guide Step By Step

Verizon Communications provides wireless services to its customers, which is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. So if you use Verizon wireless services, then you must know how to change Verizon wi-fi password. You can read this tutorial here to change Verizon wi-fi password.

Verizon provides a variety of wireless services to cater to everyone’s needs. So it provides customized wireless services for both homes as we as small and medium businesses.

Here we shall discuss the procedure to change wi-fi password for both the networks.

How To Change Verizon Wireless Network Password For Small Business

Note: It is recommended to change the password once so that you are not using the factory default. 

Step 1: Connect your Verizon wireless network with computer or laptop.

Step 2: Open any browser, (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and in the address bar type “”

Step 3: Now a message asking for username and password will appear. The default username and password can be found written in a sticker in the router itself.

Step 4: Enter the default username and password.

Step 5: Once you have logged in, go to Wireless Settings>Security menu. Then tap on the “Change Password” field.

Step 6: Now create a strong password which you will remember easily yet unique.

Here we are going to provide you with a video which will explain you how to change your Verizon wireless password:

How To Change Verizon Password For Home Network

Verizon provides a variety of wireless services and products for home. So if you have own a Verizon wireless service for your home you can go through the following steps to change your network password.

There are many ways through which you can change your Verizon wi-fi password. Some of the ways are:

1. My Verizon

2. My Fios App

3. Router Label

Here we are going to explain all the process of changing your Verizon home wi-fi password.

Change Wi-Fi Password Using My Verizon

If you have a Fios Quantum Gateway or a Verizon Fios Advanced router, you can go to the My Verizon page to login to your account. Follow the below mentioned steps to make a change:

Step 1: At the top, hover over services, then click on the Internet.

Step 2: Then go to My Network, and then click on a network and select Manage. Then enter your new name or password credentials.

Step 3: Once you are done editing the credentials, you can click on Save to save the changes.

Now your Verizon password has been changed. If your wi-fi access is disabled, then you need to enable the wi-fi access in the pop-up that will appear so that you can manage your settings.

Changing Verizon Password Using My Fios App

If you have a Fios Quantum Gateway or Verizon Fios Advanced Router, you can use the My Fios app to change your router password. You can use the following steps to change your password using My Fios:

Step 1: Go to My Fios app, select Internet>My Networks

Step 2: From My Networks, select a network in which you want to make an edit.

Step 3: Enter your desired username and password.

Note: If your wi-fi access is disabled, you need to enable it by clicking on the Enable Private Wi-Fi access option.

Change Verizon Password Using Manually/ Using the Router Label

If you don’t have Fios Quantum or Verizon Fios Advanced router, then you can change the Wi-Fi name or password manually from your router label. You can follow the steps we have provided you here to change your wi-fi name and/or password:

Step 1: Go to your browser and copy and paste in the search box.

Step 2: You will require to enter your username and password to sign in to your router. The default username is admin and the default password is provided in the router label.

In case you have changed your password but don’t remember it, you need to reset your router to default settings.

Step 3: Then you need to follow the directions given on your router user guide to change your wi-fi name or password.


We hope this guide could help you to change your Verizon wireless password. If you want to comment about your experience or any difficulties you have, please let us know in the comments section, and we will definitely reach out to you