How to Check IP Address in Phone , PC, System

We often need to check Wi-Fi IP address of our router for the configuration purpose, so that we can make any kind of required changes in the network settings of your Wi-Fi.

As a beginner of Wi-Fi network user we understand that any of us may encounter difficulty in checking or finding the IP address of the respective router.

So, if you have been lately dealing with the same issue of not being able to find IP address of your router, then here we will help you in finding IP address.

Check/Find IP Address in Windows

Well, if you are using a Windows computer then you can easily check out your Wi-Fi address by follow some simple steps in your PC/Laptop.

How to Check IP Address

Here below are the simplified steps to accomplish this purpose.

  • Go to the “Control Panel” section of your computer and there you will see the section as “Network and Internet”
  • Click on the section and then you will see the list of Wi-Fi network names in there.
  • Click on the existing Wi-Fi network which you are currently using.
  • Once you click on it then a new Windows will pop up with all basic and advance information of your network.
  • In this widow there will be the section as ” IPv4 Gateway” under which you will be able to see the complete information of your Wi-Fi network.

Check IP Address in Phone

So, this is how you can easily check out the IP address of your Wi-Fi network by following the above mentioned step by step guide. You can share the same guide with your friends to help them in the same cause.

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