How To Reset WiFi Password 

We all are using the internet and the majority of us are just connected to the web using our several kinds of mobile or other devices. There may be the different types of having a stable internet connection, as some use it directly from their internet service providers(ISP) and some share it from the other devices such as hotspot or wifi etc. 

How To Reset WiFi Password 
WI-FI is a very commonly used term in the era of internet as we all use it in our day to day lives both in the personal and the professional contexts. It is basically a technology that enables us to share internet connectivity using the radio waves so that the many digital devices can share the internet from one particular source of internet. 

We generally use the wi-fi services from the router which is connected to the main internet line and then it shares the internet connectivity with all other connected devices with it. Almost all the major organizations use wi-fi services to connect the operating devices to the internet.

Resetting the Wi-Fi Password

We all secure our Wi-Fi network with the password so that the non authorized person can’t make the use of it. Sometimes we need to reset the Wi-Fi password for some security reasons to make sure the internet connection remains fully secured and you can actually reset the password using some simple steps. 

Here in this article, we are going to assist you in changing or resetting your Wi-Fi password using our simple guide. This guide is going to be useful for all those people who are having a hard time in resetting their password.

How to Reset/Change Wi-Fi Password 

  • First of all, just go to your web browser and type the IP address of your Wi-Fi router, for instance, the Netgear routers have the common IP address as
  • The IP address of the router is used to set up the network and address the other issues including the security such as changing the password etc.
  • Now if you want to change your password then you need to enter your default user id and the password.
  • Once you are logged in to your account then go to the wireless tab and there you will find the section of your network name and its password as well.
  • Now to change your default password you just need to click on the wireless security option under the same wireless tab.
  • There you can type your new password as per your desire then simply save it.
  • Now to make your password change effectively you just need to reboot your device and then your new password will be effective on your Wi-Fi router. 
  • Resetting the Forgotten Password 

Well, If you have forgotten your password and want to recover it then you should follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Enter the IP address of your Wi-Fi router in the URL section and it will redirect you to your route page.
  • There head to the wireless tab and go to the wireless security section.
  • You can there check out your default password easily which you can use to connect your other devices to the Wi-Fi network. 

If you do not remember your default password as you might have changed it then the only option for you will be to restore your Wi-Fi to the factory settings. This method will restore your Wi-Fi to its factory mode and you will be able to login to the Wi-Fi router using the username and password printed on the box of your route or by visiting the website through the IP address. 

We hope that this article would help you to reset/change your Wi-Fi password in all the possible scenarios. If you need any other assistance then kindly let us know.

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