How to Change WI-FI Password

Now a day, technology is improving day by day. We all are getting dependent upon internet services. To deal with or to use the internet we have Wi-Fi option. But sometimes for the authentication purpose, we need to change the Wi-Fi password so that not everyone can take advantage of Wi-Fi services.  Only the people who know the password will be able to use it. But sometimes, somehow when your password is hacked by the unauthorized person then for the security purpose you should change your password as soon as possible.

Now, in this article, I am going to discuss how to change Wi-Fi password.  For the different systems and companies, they provide a little bit different services to change the password. So, I will try to discuss different aspects to change the password. And you will be able to change the password by yourself whenever it is needed.


How to change Wi-Fi password

Let’s firstly discuss the Wi-Fi term. Wi-Fi simply means Wireless Fidelity which comes under the category of wireless local area network. It is basically a brand name which is used for IEEE 802 11 standards which was falsely used by the traders and then gradually Wi-Fi is going to use instead of IEEE 802.11x.

Now, come to the main topic how to change Wi-Fi password. TO change Wi-Fi password you simply need to change the Wi-Fi settings.  In this article, I will discuss all about concepts and points to change the password.


How to change Wi-Fi name and password

So, firstly, let’s discuss about changing name and password. You have intuition that someone unauthorized person is taking advantage of your Wi-Fi services and now you want to change the password as well as the name so that unauthorized user will not be able to have access Wi-Fi service anymore.  Or in the second case when you very first set up Wi-Fi connection then you need to change the Wi-Fi password and name also as in the beginning the Wi-Fi name and password are set by default. Or sometimes you can also choose to have any password access, in that case, everyone can use Wi-Fi connection and no limited access will remain.

To change Wi-Fi name and password you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly ensure that you are connected with the Broadband home network.
  • After the open window of browser. You can opt internet explorer window also.
  • Then you need o type the IP address for the particular company’s services you are accessing.

  • Here, after doing this you will see change password panel in the side of the window.

  • By default username and password is assigned to you.

  • Now you can change username and password as per your desire.

  • You need t to enter Network key i.e. wireless password.

  • Then click on the Apply option.

  • After doing all the steps you need to reconnect the system with again.

These are the easy steps you can perform to change the password and username.


How to change Wi-Fi router password          

To change the password of the Wi-Fi router, you need to be aware about the IP address of the router company. There are many router service providers on the large scale. Here in this article I will discuss about all the companies along with their URL links or domains you need to change password.  After getting URL you need to login with the provided username and password only then you will be able to perform changes in the Wi-Fi other you can’t change the password. Here, in the upcoming sections I will describe details of changing the password of different routers.



How to change Xfinity Wi-Fi password

If you are using Wi-Fi facilities of Xfinity and want to change your Wi-Fi password for this, but you are not aware of how to do this then you need not to worry. Here, I will provide you the guidelines to change Wi-Fi password for this:

  • Firstly, you need to login into your account of the Xfinity website i.e then go to the settings panel.
  • Here select the INTERENT option
  • In the internet option you will find out WIFI CREDENTIALS.
  • Here, you need to select the EDIT option to change the password.
  • After making required changes select SAVE option.

And here, done with the job of changing password. You just need to follow these easy steps only.


How to change Comcast Wi-Fi password

As I said I will provide you all the important guidelines you need to change the password of your Wi-Fi connection. In this section I am going to explain you about COMCAST Wi-Fi password change steps. Well, the Comcast is very biggest broadcasting company. It provides a lot of services. Comcast Wi-Fi services are provided by Xfinity. Yes, Xfinity is the subsidiary of Comcast. So, if are searching for to change Wi-Fi password for Comcast you need to follow the same guidelines as which are used to change password of Xfinity Wi-Fi.


How to change Wi-Fi password NETGEAR

You are using NETGEAR router facilities and now you want to change its password as you do not found by default password secure or you want to put some strong password of your Wi-Fi so that no one can assess your Wi-Fi facilities without your permission. So, here I am going to discuss change password steps for Net Gear.


  • Firstly open Internet Explorer.
  • Here, write down in the address bar.
  • You need to write down username and password in router login panel.
  • By default user name is set as ADMIN and password is set to PASSWORD.
  • To change both or only password select setup and then Wireless settings option in it.
  • Here, you can edit username as well as password.
  • After changing password click on the SAVE option.
  • You can also change security option, wireless network options as well.

So, these are some easy steps you need to follow to change the password of NETGEAR router.


How to change AT&T Wi-Fi password 

Most of the devices have different steps to change the passwords of each Wi-Fi service. Let’s continue with our next section that is steps to change the password f AT&T Wi-Fi:

  • Firstly open the web browser.
  • Now enter the IP address:
  • To continue with this link sometimes you need to enter Device access code.
  • After this, go to the Settings option then there will be LAN option in it
  • Under LAN you need to select Wi-Fi option.
  • Now, move to the User Network option, here you can change password in Wi-Fi password option.
  • After performing changes select on the save option.

Now, perform refresh option and continue with new password.


How to change Wi-Fi password Co

To change Wi-Fi password for Cox you need to follow the following steps which I’m going to list below:

  • Go to the My Wi-Fi option in
  • Here, you will see option of Primary & Guest network.
  • Select wireless security Settings
  • Now, you can change SSID that is user name as well as password and then can save the required changes you have done.


How to change Wi-Fi password Dlink

If you are using Dlink router services and you found your password is not strong enough and can be get hacked very easily and you want to perform modifications in Wi-Fi password and well as name, then you can follow the easy steps I’m listing below:

  • After this you need to enter username and password which is provided to you.

  • After getting Login. Select Wireless option in the Settings.

  • In this section you will find out option to change name as well as password.

  • After changing password do not forget to click on the Save button to save the new password.



How to change Verizon Wi-Fi password

Now, I am going to continue this topic with our next section of Verizon Wi-Fi. Well, the Verizon has many other credentials in it like My Verizon, My Fios App, Router label. You need to choose the required credential first. By the way all the credentials follow same steps, so need not worry about anything.  Here, I will talk about My Verizon. So, if you want to change the password of Verizon Wi-Fi you can follow the easy steps I have mentioned below:


  • Then write down specified username and password to login
  • Now go to the settings option


  • Here, you can edit password as well as SSID and then click on the Save option.


How to change Wi-Fi password spectrum

Steps to change password for Spectrum Wi-Fi:

  • Login to the by entering username and password.
  • In the Menu here is Manage Account option. Select this option.
  • Now, select Internet option in it.
  • Here, select View Device Info. Option
  • You will be able to see your network details like Network name, password.
  • And then click on the Edit option to change the password.
  • After changing password click on the Save option.


How to change Centurylink Wi-Fi password

In this section I will discuss about changing password of Centurylink Wi-Fi routers. Follow the listing steps for this:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the modem.
  • URL link for Centurylink is
  • After writing Admin username and password click on the APPLY button.
  • Now, go to the wireless setup option.
  • Select the option of “2.4” GHz in it.
  • Choose the Wireless Security option.
  • Now, perform editing in this option and then Save the changes.


How to change Wi-Fi password in windows 10

You have changed your Wi-Fi password but did not change it on operating system. You need to change password here by yourself the password did not change by itself. So, if you are looking to change password from your Window 10, then you can follow these steps to do so:

  • First go to the Network settings.
  • Here, you will find out manage Wi-Fi settings option
  • Now, go to the MANAGE KNOWN NETWORKS option
  • Here, select the SSID whose password you want to change, then click on the FORGET button.
  • Now, again when Wi-Fi same SSID appears then click on the connect option. Now, you can enter new password in it to connect with new password.
  • Otherwise you will not be able to connect with older password.


How to change Wi-Fi password BSNL

If you want to reset or change password of BSNL Wi-Fi then just follow the steps I am listing below:

  • In the internet explorer write down URL number for BSNL Wi-Fi services that is
  • Here, Login into your account by entering Username and password.
  • Here, in navigation bar there is Configuration option, click on this and then choose Wireless network option.
  • In this option you will find out Security settings option. Select Wi-Fi protected Access in it.
  • You can edit password in this section.
  • Now, click on the CONFIRM button to save the new changed password.


How to change time Warner Wi-Fi password

Warner is the subsidiary of Spectrum services. In case of Warner you need to enter . Here TWC stands for Time Warner Cable. After that you need to go to the MyWifi option and then in main you will find out login panel. Here, enter your username and password and then in the settings perform changes in the password and save the changes.


How to change Wi-Fi password Frontier

Now, I am going to discuss about Frontier Wi-Fi password. If you want to change Wi-Fi password for this you can have a look at following steps:

  • Firstly, enter IP address for frontier that is
  • After getting login, In the Menu you will find out option Wireless settings and then click on Basic settings in it.
  • Now, in the Menu you need to click on the Security Settings or Advance Security option.
  • WPA security option, you need to select.
  • Here, you can perform required changes you want in password and SSID and after then save all the changes you have made.


How to change Wi-Fi password on MAC


MAC is the feature of Apple. To change the Wi-Fi password for MAC Wi-Fi I am providing you the following steps you can follow to change Wi-Fi password in MAC:

    • Firstly you need to find out MAC IP address from Apple menu > Network> Internet Wireless section> Wi-Fi > Advanced > TCP/IP option.
    • After getting IP address you need to write down that IP address and then like
    • Then enter username and password to login
    • In Wi-Fi security you will get option to change password.
  • You can edit your password and then you can save the new password for further use.


How to change Wi-Fi password PLDT

For changing password in the PLDT Wi-Fi you can follow the listing steps:

  • Make LAN connect to your device.
  • Now, in Web browser write down IP address
  • Here, write down username and password to login
  • Now go to >SETUP > WLAN > SECURITY option
  • Now, change password in it
  • After this click on APPLY CHANGES option.

So, this is all about different modems you people use and steps how to change password of these Wi-Fi services. Hope, you all get the required details from this article.

Thank you